With an undeniable passion for coaching and her continuous quest on helping others achieve their dream lives, Yuri is sought out to work with individuals, couples and entrepreneurs in more than 12 countries around the world.

With over fourteen years of coaching and training, Yuri is the founder and CEO of Life and Personal Development Coaching, and prior to that Yuri has been part of the management teams of multi-million dollar oil companies.

She has degrees in both Psychology and in International Law & Politics with formal training in entrepreneurship development, life coaching, couple behavior, group and family dynamics. She is also certified by and a respected member of the International Coach Federation and the Coach Training Alliance.

Her skills on Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Inter-personal Communication, Relationship Improvement and Intervention; Personal Performance Technologies, Goals Setting and Achievement Planning have given her the privilege to assist wives, executives, teenagers, politicians, artists, and people from almost any azimuth in life in delivering for themselves fast and lasting results.

Delivering Results

Yuri is highly praised for her work with individuals, couples, and families on designing and achieving their goals. Her method, focus, instinct and sensitivity, delivers speedy results and success to the clients that have chosen to work with her.

With multiple articles, e-books and public appearances in seminars and personal development conferences Yuri is frequently called upon as an expert by several organizations, public & private.

Yuri has an uncanny ability to help people working with her,  building happiness, wealth, and deep, lasting satisfaction in life.

Devoted to Family

Yuri's Passion for coaching and helping others is only exceeded by her passion for her family. Currently, Yuri lives happily in Chiang Mai, Thailand, with her husband and her 3 beautiful daughters.

Yuri Ferrer 


Psychologist, Life Coach, Author & Personal Results Strategist