Performance Coaching

Performance coaching is a step-by-step coaching process to help executives, managers and employees improve overall team performance and productivity. It’s a type of coaching that can be performed working in individual or group settings,securing that senior executives, team leaders and managers perform while working with their team.

Performance coaching is valuable because it provides much faster feedback than traditional performance review processes and therefore produces faster results, often without the need for negative reviews or disciplinary actions.

​One of the best ways to implement performance coaching in your organization is to take advantage of problems, challenges and difficult situations and see them as “opportunities” for learning and growth. One of the best ways to truly learn and improve is through direct experience, by noticing the effects of our actions and trying something new.

Think about how much time you spend working with employees and coaching them to improve their individual performance. In most organizations, this time can be quite limited.

Performance coaching can help devise specific strategies for improving overall team performance focusing on the individual opportunities that would provide the maximum value.